NCEE Result 2021/2022 is out | 2021 NCEE Result Checker Portal

Is the NCEE Result 2021/2022 out now? how can I check my ward National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) Result for 2021, here on this portal you can access the Common Entrance Result for students hoping to get admitted into junior secondary school JSS1 for this year. More information on this course will be detailed below.

When is the NCEE Result 2021/2022 coming out?

The National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) Result is always out a few weeks after the conclusion of the Common Entrance Examination, and we are glad to update you today that the NCEE Result 2021 have been released, so if you are a student or parent who’s ward was among those took the Federal Common Entrance Examination you are advised to check your ward’s result using the needed tools to access the result.

How to Check NCEE Result 2021

The process must be obeyed while checking the National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) Result, so follow right way to get control of the Federal Common Entrance Examination Result.

  1. Visit the Unity schools admission portal at
  2. Log in to your account with an E-mail/Phone number and password
  3. Click on the result on the menu on the left-hand sidebar
  4. View your NCEE result

After you have checked the result, you will see any of the following comments:

  1. Qualified for Selection under National Merit
  2. Qualified for selection under state quota
  3. Not qualified for selection

I can’t Access My Ward NCEE Results

If you can’t Access your Ward NCEE Results, here is what you will do: be sure that the NCEE Result for the year the exam is taken is out, most times the results are been uploading when you are checking so most times it will be hard for you to see the result, so If you can’t Access your Ward NCEE Results keep checking back and so sure you will see the result on the official National Common Entrance Examination Portal.

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41 thoughts on “NCEE Result 2021/2022 is out | 2021 NCEE Result Checker Portal

  1. Please you people stop spreading fake news . the result of 2021/2022 NCEE is not yet out. If it is out when was that? The date and the break down of pupils performance.

  2. Nigerians have started their fraudulent acts again. Why must parents be made to buy scratch cards before they can check their wards results for the national common entrance exams to federal government colleges in Nigeria? Please NECO and the federal ministry of education should provide us with answers.

  3. I have been checking my son’s result on the portal and ncee/neco checker but it always showing “Candidate Result Not Found” or “Candidate record not found under National Common Entrance Examination of 2021”.

    What should I do please?

    Thank you.

      1. When will they relise the result, while in two weeks time the school will resume. as a parents already we are late.

  4. I can’t access to my child result.when like last year which was very easy to go through. Pls do the needful(authority)

  5. If you need a good home teacher to prepare your ward for National Common Entrance, call Mr Easy on 09062188976 and you will see good result for your money.

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